Menù - English Version

From our passion for married hospitality to good food this place has taken shape
where every day we strive so that our guests can have a unique experience
tasting traditional and seasonal flavours, to which you can combine an accurate selection of wines,
in a welcoming and informal environment.

The gratification of our guests is for us the greatest of satisfactions.

All the dishes are also available gluten free. Informations on the presence of substances
and products that cause allergies or intollerances are available by contacting the service personnel.



    • Beef Tartare

      € 15.00

      (7, 12, 3)  with sundried tomatoes, grana crumble and candied lemon zest

      beef, olive oil, butter, egg, rice flour, grana padano,
      sundried tomatoes, lemon, sugar

    • Il cestino di Verdure in Pastella

      € 12.00

      (4, 7, 9)  Little basket with crispy season vegetables

      (carrot, zucchini, bell pepper, celeriac) with mozzarella cheese
      and anchovies stuffed pumpkin blossoms

    • Il Baccalà in pastella con la nostra salsa Tartara

      € 15.00

      (3, 4, 12)  Fried cod fish served with homemade tartare sauce

      (cod, egg, fresh yeast, rice flour, sunflower oil, pickles, cappers, shallot, lemon, vinegar)

    • Il "Norcino"

      € 13,00

      (7, 12)  four tipical roman apetizers with our pickled vegs

      Spicy jowl bacon, prosciutto crudo, pecorino cheese, coppiette,
      season vegetables, white wine, vinegar, sugar, spices

    • Supplì al telefono

      € 9,00

      (3, 7, 9)  traditional roman supplì

      Rice, spices, roman tomato sauce (tomatoes, beef and pork meats,
      celery, carrot, onion, spices), mozzarella cheese,
      grana and pecorino cheese, egg, gluten free breadcrumbs, corn flour


    • I Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe

      € 11.00

      (1, 7)  Durum wheat fresh pasta, pecorino cheese, black pepper

    • I Bucatini all'Amatriciana

      € 11.00

      (1, 7, 12)  Durum wheat bucatini, tomato, jowl bacon, onion,
      dried chili, white wine, pecorino cheese on top

    • Le Mezzemaniche alla Gricia

      € 11.00

      (1, 7)  Durum wheat short pasta, onion, jowl bacon, pecorino cheese, black pepper

    • La Carbonara

      € 11.00

      (1, 3, 7)  Durum wheat spaghetti, jowl bacon, egg yolk, pecorino cheese, black pepper

    • Le Linguine alle Alici con briciole di pane A.O.P.

      € 13,00

      (1, 4)  Durum wheat linguine, anchovies, fresh cherry tomatoes, garlic, died chili, breadcrums, oregano


    • La Coda alla Vaccinara

      € 16.00

      (9, 12)  Traditional slowcooked oxtail (oxtail, onion, carrot, celery, jowl bacon, dried chili, tomato, white wine)

    • Le Costollette a scottadito con patate arrosto

      € 18.00

      Grilled lamb chops with roasted potatoes

    • Il Pescato del giorno gratinato al forno con Ratatouille di verdure

      € 15.00

      (1, 4, 6)  White fish, soy sauce, sugar, breadcrums, zucchini, tomato, onion, eggplant,
      bell pepper, fresh marjoram, thyme springs

    • Tentacolo di Polpo arrostito con Vellutata di patate, Olive Riviera e Pomodorini confit

      € 16.00

      (4, 7, 9, 12)  Roasted octopus, white wine, spices, potatoes, shallot, butter, double cream,
      pecorino cheese, riviera olives, confit cherry tomatoes


    • Cheesecake del giorno

      € 6.00

      (7)  Digestive biscuit, butter, cream cheese, yogurt, cream, sugar, gelatin, fruit

    • La Tartelletta al Caramello mou con cialda di Cioccolato e fiocchi di sale

      € 8.00

      (3, 7)  Rice and corn flour, sugar, butter, egg, salt, condensed milk,
      bitter chocolate, salt flakes, gold colorant

    • Il Gelato Fiordilatte con......

      € 6.00

      You can choose between fresh fruit, chocolate chips or honey

    • Lemon sorbet with elder gel and fresh blueberries

      € 6.00

      lightly alcoholic