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All the dishes are also available gluten free. Informations on the presence of substances and products
that cause allergies or intollerances are available by contacting the service personnel.




    • i supplì al telefono

      € 12,00

      (3, 7, 9) Traditional roman supplì.

      Rice, spices, roman tomato sauce(tomatoes, beef and pork meats,
      cellery, carrot, onion, spices), grana and pecorino cheese, egg,
      gluten free breadcrumbs, corn flour.

    • il baccalà fritto

      € 15,00

      (3, 4, 12) with our tartar sauce.

      Fried cod fish served with homemade
      tartare sauce (cod, egg, fresh yeast, rice flour, sunflower oil, pickles,
      cappers, shallot, lemon, vinegar).

    • Il cestino di Verdure in Pastella

      € 12,50

      (4, 7, 9) Little basket with crispy season vegetables
      with mozzarella cheese and anchovies stuffed pumpkin blossoms.

    • il norcino

      € 15,00

      (7, 12) four tipical roman apetizers with our pickles.

      Spicy jowl bacon, prosciutto crudo, pecorino cheese,
      coppiette, season vegetables, white wine, vinegar, sugar, spices.

    • Knife-beaten Beef Tartare

      € 16,00

      (3, 7) With asparagus and blue cheese sauce.
      Beef, olive oil, asparagus, sweet gorgonzola, pasteurized yolk,
      lemon zest, cream.

    • Snails

      € 17,00

      (1, 3, 9) Slowcooked snails, spinach, plain flour, eggs, onion, jowl bacon,
      garlic, vegetable broth, butter, grana 30 mesi, milk, rice flour,
      corn flour, charcoal.


    • gli spaghetti alla carbonara

      € 12,00

      (1, 3, 7) Durum wheat spaghetti, jowl bacon, pasteurized yolk,
      pecorino cheese, black pepper.

    • i bucatini all’amatriciana

      € 13,00

      (1, 7, 12) Durum wheat bucatini, tomato, jowl bacon, onion, dried chili,
      white wine, pecorino cheese on top.

    • i tonnarelli cacio e pepe

      € 12,00

      (1, 7) Durum wheat fresh pasta, pecorino cheese, black pepper.

    • le mezzemaniche alla gricia

      € 12,00

      (1, 7) Durum wheat short pasta, onion, jowl bacon, pecorino cheese,
      black pepper.

    • risotto with jumbo prawns

      (for serving) € 15,00

      (1, 2, 7, 12) minimum of two

      Rice, butter, jumbo prawns, zucchini blossom, Grand Marnier,
      gluten, sunflower oil.

    • Whole grain spaghetti, smoked eggplant, mint

      € 13,00

      (1, 8) Whole grain spaghetti, garlic, eggplant, cherry tomatoes,
      almonds, mint.


    • Deer sous vide cut, blueberry chutney and quick-pickled chicory

      € 20,00

      (9, 12) Deer meat, red wine, carrots, onion, celery, spices, blueberries,
      sunflower oil, garlic, ginger, chili, chicory, pomegranate vinegar.

    • Grilled octopus

      € 20,00

      (3, 4, 7, 9) Slowcooked and grilled octopus, potatoes, sweet potatoes,
      zucchini blossom, lemon, dill, pecorino cheese, carrot, tomatoes,
      vegetable broth, eggs, sunflower oil, basil, parsley.

    • Homemade Vegan Burger served with roasted potatoes

      € 20,00

      (1, 8) Quinoa, chickpeas, ginger, carrot, onion, corn flour,
      gluten free breadcrumbs, avocado, almond milk, lemon, corn salad,
      tomatoes, plain flour, fresh yeast, margarine, charcoal, potatoes.

    • la coda alla vaccinara

      € 18,00

      (9, 12) Traditional slowcooked oxtail (oxtail, onion, carrot, celery,
      jowl bacon, dried chili, tomato, white wine).

    • la porchetta d’Ariccia

      € 16,00

      Warm porchetta with roasted potatoes

    • le costolette di agnello a scottadito

      € 18,00

      Grilled lamb chops with roasted potatoes.

    • Pan seared croaker, pea puré and fermented beetroot

      € 20,00

      (4, 9, 12) Croaker fish, peas, lemon zest, vegetable broth, potatoes,
      onions, beetroot, vinegar, honey, thyme, dill, basil, sunflower oil.